Paul Pogba hits out at The Sun!

Paul Pogba has hit out at The Sun

Paul Pogba against The Sun: The story so far…

Rumours from The Sun emerged earlier that Paul Pogba quit the French National Team after some comments from the French president, Emmanuel Macron, that were Islamophobic. A flurry emerged in the Twitterverse over this news until the source of the rumours traced back to The Sun. Pogba has since taken to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to quash these rumours whilst also calling The Sun out. He has called the news news “unfounded” while also saying “The Sun did it again”. Pogba said that the things stated about him made him feel appalled, shocked, angry and frustrated. He also went on to say that he will be taking legal action against The Sun.

With that, a few of the most commonly occurring things happened again – fake Manchester United news spread over social media, Paul Pogba unnecessarily vilified in the media, The Sun crossing another line. There is a history of Manchester United’s players, and more recently, Paul Pogba, being subject to cruel media trials for things that are often not even footballing matters. His hairstyle, fun-loving nature and flashy dressing sense often come under fire for no reason whatsoever. In another event, the English media called Mason Greenwood out as being tardy and always late to training. Ole Gunnar Solskjaer made it clear that these reports were untrue and that Greenwood is a professional player. The targeting of Manchester United and its players for easy clicks must stop.


It is great that Paul Pogba is taking legal action against The Sun. Other footballers should start doing the same too with many subject to the vile accusations made in these and many other newspapers. Defamation and unjust media trials can severely impact a player’s career too. Speaking specifically about The Sun, their click-bait articles have gone on long enough and it’s about time they faced the consequences.

Author: Suraj Shivshankar