Ole changing to a Siege Mentality?

The former Manchester United striker, Andy Cole believes that it’s time for the players to strike back at those who want Ole to crumble. The regular attacks on United start after the traumatic loss against Jose Mourinho’s Tottenham side in the humiliating 6-1 defeat. He was later questioned in our previous two games against Istanbul and Arsenal.

Andy Cole’s statement

Cole believes that clubs, pundits and rival club fans want United to fail. According to The Sun newspaper he stated: “Success breeds contempt and, when things are not going well, people want to jump on the bandwagon and talk about your lack of success.

“You have got to use that and get that siege mentality. And when you walk out there, believe in each other and say to yourselves, ‘This is what we are going to do, it is about us and what we can achieve’.

Cole highlights the impact that teamwork has on the outcome of a match but also the individuals’ self-esteem and ability.

Has Ole Highlighted a genuine problem in football?

Solskjaer remains furious at United’s tight schedule. On the back of a 3-1 win at Goodison Park, he said:

“We were set up to fail, how can you expect players to perform at the best of their ability when we were set up for 12.30 kick off. Absolute joke.”

One fan argues that Solskjaer is averting attention away regarding rumours of Pochettino taking over the club. He states: “Ole went on the attack in his press conference to lead the interview rather than face questions over his own future and job security.”

The fans were complimentary of how expressive Solskjaer was from the sidelines in his efforts to influence the play. Ole also gained approval from both Pep and Klopp on his claim regarding the unrealistic and irresponsible demand players are facing. The negative impact of a short pre season is resulting in players lacking fitness. Which is later causing player to be unable to deal with the rigours of a packed fixture list.

Pep argued:

“My business is to protect my players, that’s all I want, them to be fit with no injuries. When they arrive to training sessions they are exhausted. LeBron James won the NFL title now he’s on holiday for two months. These guys get eight days then game, games, games because BT and Sky and everyone decided to do it. It’s okay its happens again. Sir Alex Ferguson, Arsene Wenger and Rafa Benitez, it happened in their era too and nothing changed.”

This depicts the ongoing mental as well as physical strain that players feel. This is because players are participating in matches every three or more days depending on cup games. The teams are struggling to be consistent as players are at risk of picking up an injury.

Ole demands changes to happen!

To conclude the article, it’s not a shock that once again a manager has highlighted the issues surrounding a congested fixture list. COVID guidelines are resulting in players migrating between their club and international bubble. Therefore, clubs are missing vital preparation time. Overall, this then causes training to be at higher intensity in the days they have. Consequently, requiring more time to recover due to the fatigue of the players.

Author: Stacey Marsh

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