Mason Greenwood being unfairly targeted by the Media

The English Press once again target Mason Greenwood unfairly who is going through a hard patch right now.

His summer escapades with Phil Foden while on International duties made headlines and recently, the passing away of his close friend, Jeremy Wisten has affected him. The youngster dedicated his UEFA champions league goal against RB Leipzig to the former Manchester City player who lost his life.

Greenwood was on blistering form last season but has only found the net on two occasions this season.

Reports from the Daily Mail this week claimed that Manchester United remain devastated and concerned about Greenwood’s lifestyle. The same souce claimed the club worry he’s not getting a lot of sleep.

The Times also wrongly claimed Greenwood was ‘sluggish’ in United’s training session. Further claims from the same source that Bruno Fernandes became ‘exasperated’ with the teenager over a failure to receive pass.

We are used to seeing the youngster steal all the plaudits for his performances on the field. Off the field recently, targeted by the media to staunt his progress. It is clear to say that Mason Greenwood remains the target of the media for no just reason.

Crystal Palace winger have urged Greenwood to seek a sport psychologist.

Andros Townsend’s Advice to Mason Greenwood

Andros Townsend: “He [Greenwood] needs family and good friends around him, and the other thing is he needs to see a sports psychologist. Somebody who has spoken to other players in his position. Who knows what’s going on from the outside to help him through it.”

Townsend continued: “He needs players around him like Harry Maguire. Experienced players who have been through it, to put their arm around him.”

It appears Greenwood has used his recent ‘Like’ on Instagram to explain what he’s going through.

The youngster liked an Instagram post urging the media leave him alone as he comes to terms with Wisten’s passing.

The post reads: “‘Greenwood looks tired’ ‘Greenwood isn’t trying hard enough’ ‘Greenwood needs to fix up’.“Mason Greenwood has just lost a close friend to suicide and has been endlessly attacked and abused by football fans and the media for months now, leave the kid alone.”

Post liked by Mason Greenwood on IG
Post liked by Mason Greenwood

Greenwood, 19, is just a young player and currently lives in a world where every of his move is scrutinised. It’s so saddening even after the loss of his close pal, he remains targeted with unfair abuse by the media. He was just 19 days ago and he’s targeted by the Media

The youngster who recently received The Athletic Rising Star trophy will surely be up and running after the International break.

Author: Asuzu

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