Marcus Rashford MBE: Manchester United ’s New Working-Class Hero

Marcus Rashford MBE claps on the pitch

The British royal family is honouring Marcus Rashford with an MBE. This is after his campaigning for free school meals to continue through the summer. It is a special honour, not given out to every footballer, and even less to footballers aged 22. Every Manchester United fan is proud of him. He fits perfectly into the history of Manchester United legends. He loves the club and helps those out at the most hard-up level of society, the working-class.

An Inspiration On and Off the Pitch

Manchester United has always been the club of the working-class. That is easy to forget in the era of the Glazers and £100 million signings. Marcus Rashford is a true testament to those roots of the club and so deserving of an MBE. He came from a working-class area of Manchester and is showing the typical signs of a player who knows how to keep his feet on the ground. His excellent work rate and scoring ability in trying to drive his club to good results has become associated with him.

Marcus Rashford is undyingly loyal to Manchester United. There have never been any rumours of him having one eye on leaving the club despite there being rumours of interest. In this way, he inspires all of us on the pitch to push for our goals. Off the pitch, at a time when the Glazers cannot stop taking money out of Manchester, Marcus can’t seem to help giving back to the community that has allowed him to develop into such a top man. This isn’t the first time he has been involved with charity work. He helped with the Selfridge’s Christmas boxes a couple of years ago and hasn’t stopped working hard for the community since. His desire to help those in most need is truly a spectacle to behold.

A Standalone Personality

He also isn’t the only player at Manchester United who is involved in charity work. Juan Mata developed Common Goal, where players donate 1% of their salary to charity, and it’s been running for three years now. But there is something about the passion that Marcus shows in trying to use his own influence to help those in need which makes him so special.

A lot of players have come from working class areas in the past, but these days Rashford is a rarity. They get bogged down in the money and the fame and forget where they came from. Not Marcus though. Marcus Rashford’s whole life is focused on either competing for Manchester United or helping people. Marcus Rashford stood up against Boris Johnson and the Conservatives’ plans. Not many gave him a chance and criticised him for doing so. But he won. And he deserves his MBE for it. That is why Manchester United fans love him so much, Millsy’s View included.

Author: Nicholas Mills