Manchester United vs Tottenham: Player Ratings

Manchester United slumped to an embarrassing 1-6 loss at home. So many things went wrong on Sunday and while we have gone through them in excruciating detail. Here are the player ratings from that game:

Starting XI Player Ratings:

David De Gea : 5.

What was he supposed to do when the defence in front of you is incapable of doing their jobs? Still made 3 good saves.

Aaron Wan Bissaka : 3.

Recently looks afraid to even have the ball at his feat! Failed as a defensive unit.

Harry Maguire : 1.

The worst performance in the United shirt till date. Shockingly poor, failing both as a defender and as a captain on the pitch. Lowest player rating today too.

Eric Bailly 2 :

Poor. Didn’t justify his selection and gave away the third goal for Spurs. You’ve got to grab the oppurtunity when given, could have cemented his place in the first place. But he chose to do another Bailly performance!

Luke Shaw : 2.

Zero positional awareness, offered nothing going forward and caught off gaurd quite often. Justifies Telles signing.

Nemanja Matic : 3.

Uneventful and uninspiring. Made just 2-3 good passes in all.

Paul Pogba : 2.

Embarrassing at the least. The number times a player of his calibre is getting dispossesed is shocking. Absolutely nil impact in the game. Should have been subbed off at half time. Sloppy and indisciplined, with a poor penalty given away.

Bruno Fernandes – 4.

Looked sharp till the Martial red card incident. Faded after that. Struck the penalty neatly, as always.

Marcus Rashford – 3.

Looked completely out of the game.

Mason Greenwood – 4.

Other than a well struck shot on the turn and some tidy passing didn’t have any say in the flow of the game.

Anthony Martial : 1.

Won a Penalty in the opening minutes of the game, but should have had better discipline than take aim at Lamelas throat! Equals Maguire’s player rating.

Substitutes Player Ratings

Fred, McTominay: 3.

Misspass after Misspass. That is all that you could spot from them yesterday. Both of them subbed in so as to limit the damage already caused, but failed again as we conceded 2 more goals and midfield still looked out of their depth.

Van de Beek : N/A

Did nothing to earn a rating(positive or negative).

Author: Akhil Muhammed