Manchester United vs Tottenham Hotspur: The 5 Things We Learned

Paul Pogba looks downbeat during Manchester United's 1-6 Premier League defeat to Tottenham Hotspur

6 goals, 5 things we learned. Honestly, I would like to write here “Ed Woodward needs to get his act together” five times and leave it at that. I’m not going to do that, because it’s not just the board’s fault, the team let the fans down. There were so many things wrong with the performance vs Tottenham Hotspur from today. Manchester United showed just how much work needs to be done for the team. Tottenham Hotspur played very well, but we let them put in SIX on us. Millsy’s View is here for The United Devils for the 5 things we learned:

1. Ed Woodward, You Are A Disgrace!

Ok so this isn’t new. There is no way for me to express my feelings towards Ed Woodward. I speak English, Italian and German. There is just no possible combination of words within these languages for me to get across just how disgusted I am. Since Alex Ferguson and David Gill left Manchester United, there have been 4 managers. Somehow, Ed Woodward has kept his job after every one. Every one of those managers have complained at some point about how poor the recruitment at the club has been.

Patrice Evra spoke after the game about how it is the same story every year. The board didn’t back Jose Mourinho, despite the fact he was building a team. The board isn’t backing Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, even though he is on the way to building a team. Ed is busy trying to haggle with Dortmund for Sancho, yet our attack is NOT the problem (more on that soon). We have been haggling since the start of the window, Dortmund even gave us a deadline and Woodward and his team have done nothing to convince us or Dortmund that they are up to the standard of recruiting for a club like Manchester United. Manchester City are outspending whole countries on their defence, whilst we can’t fork out 18 million for a third left back. How anyone couldn’t see that Ed bloody Woodward isn’t responsible for this mess is beyond me.

2. The Left-Back Position Isn’t Our Only Weak Spot

As I mentioned previously, Alex Telles at left-back seems to be the only defensive player we are on the verge of signing right now. Yet, last week Aaron Wan-Bissaka put in a horror show against Brighton and put on another one here. He seems to enjoy playing as a third centre back, playing really narrow. It is leaving the opponents to run rampant down their left-hand side.

The problem is, that’s not even our biggest weakness. Captain Harry Maguire, supposed to be good with that slab of a head of his, seems to have nothing inside the slab based on his performance today. He has the turning circle of a bus and the spatial awareness of a dog with his head in a paper bag. His numerous partners need to work harder too. Eric Bailly was absent today. I cannot remember him making even one tackle. Gary Neville said during the commentary that Lindelof must be rubbing his hands together. But I doubt he would want to take another step on the pitch after a performance like that.

3. VAR Has Abandoned Manchester United

Anthony Martial should not have reacted how he did to Erik Lamela’s elbow. It was a peckle of a slap on the chin, but as a senior player he needs to act bigger.

However, the fact that he gets hit with an elbow before that “slap” while the other guy gets nothing shows the poor job VAR did for us today. If Martial goes, Lamela goes too. Last season we got some fortunate decisions from VAR to be fair. This season so far, we feel that we have been victimised almost by the system and it needs to improve.

4. These Manchester United Players Need To Take A Good Hard Look In The Mirror

The red card did not help Manchester United today, but the performance and reaction from the team was appalling. Even during the Moyes era, even during the Van Gaal era, even during the Mourinho era I cannot remember a Manchester United side playing this badly. At least when we lost to City at home we only capitulated in the last 10 minutes. This was a horror show from start to finish that makes me sick to my stomach.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer should bench every one of our players for the remainder of their contracts while we bring in another 11 players to replace them. Even if we played academy players for the rest of the season, it wouldn’t be as bad as today. Even the first two goals were an absolute shambles. The lack of awareness to stop Harry Kane taking the free kick quickly or to cover Son was bemusing. Don’t even get me started on the game of bonehead between our defence for the first goal. I would say it was a Sunday league level performance but that would be an insult to Sunday league football.

5. The Players Feel As Deserted By The Board As We Do And Ole Might Pay For It

Luke Shaw said that the players expected more backup to be brought in. Even they realise that something needed to be done in the summer to build on the third place finish in the Premier League last season. The players themselves, even those who are likely to be replaced, are commenting about the lack of transfers says something in itself.

Manchester United vs Tottenham Highlights: Spurs thrash 10-man United 6-1 -  Sportstar
Son scores past Luke Shaw and David de Gea. Imager Credit: Premier League

The fact is, if the axe is going to fall anywhere after this defeat, it’s going to be on Ole. The manger has shown himself to defend his players to the very end, it’s all he can do. He has to come out in defence of his players whilst criticising them behind closed doors to get the reaction.

The problem is that fans want to hear him screaming about the lack of backing him and the players have received in the form of transfers. He is not the kind of person to do that, to show them up in public like they need to be. The board are further protected and they will be able to take aim at him. The Glazers and Ed Woodward need to be put out on their arse. I could without a doubt do a better job than they could, yet our hero will be paying for this.

Author: Nicholas Mills