Ighalo staying provides the firepower United need right now

Odion Ighalo beats coronavirus scare, scores third goal for Man ...
Image from the Insider
Odion Ighalo was announced today as having extended his stay at United on loan until January 2021, news that will be greeted by everyone with delight. When United sold Lukaku at the end of the summer transfer window, fans were dismayed at the fact that no replacement was signed in his place, yet hopeful that the likes of Rashford and Martial could plaster over the cracks that Rom’s departure left. As the months went on, although Rash managed an admirable sum of 19 goals in just 31 games, it became very clear to many that putting wingers like Rashford and Martial up front left us a gap where a primary striker was missing.

That is when, out of nowhere, on deadline day, Odion Ighalo stepped up and made his dream come true, signing for United on loan. It is a fairytale story for both player and fans alike to see, the boyhood fan playing for his club, someone who cares about the club itself, not just his personal performance or how many Instagram followers he has got. In addition to that, he has provided the team with that striker up front, someone who leads the line like only a striker can. That is not to say that Rashford and Martial have not done commendably, but at the end of the day, they are more suited to being wingers and can often drift to the wings in an attempt to get on the ball. Compounded to that was Rashford’s long-term injury layoff, something that had the fans worrying about who was going to fill the space. It’s safe to say, that if Odion keeps up his tally, 1 in every 2 games so far, then the front three of him, Martial and the now-returning Rashford could be a perfect cocktail.

What Ighalo adds to the team is that instinct that natural strikers have, to stay on the shoulder of the last defender, so that when the ball comes across, there is someone waiting to put it in. Daniel James must surely be pleased, he is constantly getting into space on the wing and putting it across, only to have nobody in the six-yard box to attack it. That is what Odion brings to the team: a sense of passion for the club, an understanding of its fans and an instinct to attack a ball when it comes to him. Despite originally being uncertain about his arrival, there are not many fans who will not be celebrating the extension of his loan, he’s indestructible!

Author: TUD Author