Who makes our Premier League Team of the Season?

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Welcome to another blockbuster article at The United Devils. With just the last few games of the season left and football at the halt, today, we are going to reveal our team of the season for the English Premier League. Have you got yours figured out? If yes, read this till the end, and let us know how your team differs! And if no, well, just enjoy what’s to come:

Before getting started, there’s something that needs to be cleared up. I have a strong belief in excellent performance throughout the season, and therefore, would like to clear my picking criteria for each position beforehand:
  •  Any player who has been playing consistently well for their team and won them games, makes it here. Consistency is a really vital factor.
  •  Players who were individually excellent throughout the season but were let down by their teams will be given consideration too; after all, they did their job tremendously well.
  • Availability has been taken into the count as well. Being available for the whole season and playing as many minutes possible, while delivering top-notch performance matters more than playing very good for a few matches and then getting injured for a good part of the season.
  • Players signed in January Transfer window won’t be taken into count.
So, let’s get the party started –
Our Team of the Season will play in classic 4-3-3 holding formation, and as such, we’ll start from the back line:

1. Goalkeeper: Kasper Schmeichel

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Schmeichel has been in top form throughout the season for Leicester City. With 10 clean sheets in the Premier League, he sits on 2nd in the clean sheets table just behind Nick Pope, who plays in a highly defensive Burnley team. Leicester City are at 3rd in the points table, and Schmeichel certainly deserves a bit of praise for it.

Fans might argue for Alisson or even Dean Henderson, but the point that made me reluctant for Alisson is the quality of defensive line that screens him. The whole season, Alisson had to make only 45 saves while the likes of Schmeichel and Henderson were forced to make over 80 saves. Dean Henderson and Schmeichel made me think a lot, and I won’t have minded if someone chose Henderson over him, so equal bets for them.

2. Left Back: Andrew Robertson

While Chilwell too had quite an impactful season, it really is unarguable that Robertson comes at top when comparing both the full-backs. Playing for a strong Liverpool side, the Scottish left back provided 7 assists, second highest for any defender in the league. He was one of the easiest picks in this team.

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3. Center Back: Harry Maguire

The English defender moved to United this season for a whopping price, making him the most expensive defender on the planet. And, while many United fans won’t rate him highly, he has certainly improved the state of team, emerged as a strong leader, and contributed hugely to make United the second best defence across Europe (only behind PSG). If he doesn’t deserve a spot in this list, then who does?

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4. Center Back: Virgil Van Dijk

Do we even need to argue upon this? He was the easiest pick in the team, and has contributed hugely to keep that Liverpool defense rock solid for second consecutive season. Robust in every trait of defending, many forwards have found it impossible to go across the Dutch giant this year as well. Apart from defending, Van Dijk also makes for an excellent set piece player due to his heading abilities. At present, any team in the world would crave to him in their squad.

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5. Right Back: Trent Alexander-Arnold

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This pick is probably a controversial one as well, but I’ll stick with it. Alexander-Arnold has been the top assist provider for Liverpool, and has also got most assists for a fullback not only in the league, but across all major leagues throughout the Europe. With 12 assists, of which 6 came from set pieces, he would be the ideal right back for this team given the defence we have at our disposal. Yes, he might not be a strong defender but the other members in defence cover up enough for him, a reason why Liverpool has excellent defensive record this season.

6. Center Defensive Midfielder: Jordan Henderson

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The BBC’s best player of the season, Liverpool skipper has played a huge part in the Liverpool’s success. His performances might not be eye-pleasing or fabulous every time, but he helps his team with what matters the most – winning. He has been an excellent CDM this season and hugely contributed to the success of team as a courtesy of excellent positioning and screening, leading them to the top of points table. He was also the top runner for PFA Player of the Season before the season halted.

7. Center Midfielder: Jack Grealish

The player who has received plaudits from Pep Guardiola himself and has single-handedly saved Aston Villa from losing many matches, he has turned out to be the best newcomer in the league and is already the transfer target of Manchester United. With 7 goals and 6 assists in the Premier League, he is enjoying an excellent season with Aston Villa, who sadly are on the verge of relegation as the things stand. It’ll be exciting to see where he lands for next season.

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8. Center Midfielder: Kevin de Bruyne

Arguably the best midfielder in Premier League. The Belgian was on the way to set a new personal record. He has already got 16 assists and 8 goals in 26 matches, making him the top playmaker in the league by some distance.
Add this to the fact that he creates most goal scoring chances as well, and you’ll get an answer to why he is also the top-rated player in the league. The Manchester City midfielder is certainly among the world’s best at present and any team across Europe would commit treason to have him with them.

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9. Left Winger: Sadio Mane

The Senegalese winger has been excellent and the only competitor to him this season was Marcus Rashford of Manchester United. I’ve picked Sadio Mane over anyone else because of the better overall play and consistent performance. He has been the second highest rated player in Premier League 2019-20 season till now and contributed to team with 14 goals and 7 assists in 26 matches. 

10. Right Winger: Mohamed Salah

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Egyptian pharaoh has risen once again this season and he just won’t stop. With 16 goals and 6 assists in 26 matches, he has been in a tremendous form. His partnership with Sadio Mane makes for a terrific and fast-paced attacking unit, leaving defenders in frenzy. And although Liverpool’s European dreams have already ended this season, they surely have a chance at league trophy with such excellent wingers.

11. Striker: It’s…………………… Jamie Vardy

The English striker has silenced the critics with mind-blowing goal scoring record this season. Current tally of Vardy stands at 19 goals and 4 assists in 26 matches.
Known for his excellent finishing, striker is feared by all defenses in the league and also ranks 2nd in average time taken for scoring each goal (first being Aguero). His form is one of the reasons why Leicester City sit on 3rd in points table.

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This again, might be a controversial pick because many fans would prefer Aguero (who has been top-class as well). The reason I have picked Vardy over Aguero is because of more goal contributions from a team that has comparatively weaker midfield than Manchester City. Although, this point too, is arguable because of less matches played by Aguero, and I certainly won’t be shocked if anyone else picks Aguero over Vardy. 
Substitutes for this lineup: 
Dean Henderson (GK), Marcus Rashford, Adama Traore, Sergio Aguero, Joe Gomez, Wilfred Ndidi
That’s all for today, and I hope you guys enjoyed going through the list. Comment below what you think of it and what you’d love to see next time.


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