Three defensive signings Victor Lindelof could pair up with come January.

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It has been reported by multiple sources that Manchester United and the board are supposedly ready to get behind Manager Jose Mourhino, handing him hundreds of millions in transfer budget to spend in the January transfer window. Although we are long way away from that time (depending on time you’re reading this) who exactly could Jose go for in the January transfer market?

Although big name signings hardly happen during the winter, that doesn’t mean it can’t happen. After all, Manchester United did make the signing of Alexis Sanchez last winter. So who could the Red Devils sign this January?  Look no further to see the 3 defensive signings Manchester United could be looking at to possibly partner up with Victor Lindelof.

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1: Nikola Milenkovic:

In case you may not know who Milenkovic is, let me get into detail. 
Nikola is 6ft 5in tall and is a giant in the back (something Man Utd could use in the back and set pieces.) 
Although still inexperienced, he played 3 games at the World Cup, Costa Rica,Switzerland and Brazil and is only making the senior squad this year.
It has been reported for weeks now that Manchester United are very interested in the Serbian center-back & Manchester United Manager Jose Mourhino has personally scouted the Serbian at a recent fixture between Serbia & Montenegro. 
The set price could possibly be set at 55 million pounds for Manchester United if they were to go after the 23 year old CB in January. The lad could certainly be a good addition to the Manchester United back line. I think he could develop a very stable partnership with Victor Lindelof.
2: Milan Skriniar:
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Priced at 75 million, Jose Mourhino is eyeing a United deal for Skriniar. 
He is an excellent passer of the ball and loves to build up play from the back. Even though he is slow on pace, he covers it up with sharpness of the game and with his awareness and ability to intercept a pass and win a one-on-one with his strength. 
He is incredibly physical, aggressive and is great in the air. He has all the tools in the world to be an absolute tank at Manchester United and his style of play is exactly what they need at the moment.

3: Alessio Romagnoli:

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Romagnoli has become a target for both Manchester United & Chelsea but Jose Mourinho has reportedly turned to Romangnoli as another potential solution to Manchester United issues at the back. The 23 year old Italian offers leadership in the back and that is what Man Utd are lacking a bit right now.
No defender has made more clearances than Romagnoli and he is rarely caught out of possession. He loves to help his side circulate possession under pressure and this shows that he may very well be a better passer than most center-backs today. Manchester United should be looking into the youngster, learning more about the Italian.
Out of these three possible/ linked signings, which one would you pair with Victor Lindelof? 

Author: TUD Author