Manchester United And Another Week Of Paul Pogba Distraction!

It was 7th December, Manchester United was preparing for one of their biggest matches this season. In the Champions League vs RB Leipzig. There were questions and opinions about team news and if we were going to see Paul Pogba.

We saw multiple news reports about Paul Pogba’s agent Mino Raiola’s interview with Tuttosport coming out. Raiola claimed Paul Pogba’s United career was ‘over. ‘ He also told the Turin-based outlet that Pogba was ‘unhappy’ and ‘the best solution for all concerned is if he (Pogba) moves in the next window’.

Did United need another Paul Pogba distraction before a big match? Certainly not! United went on the lose the match and got knocked out of the Champions League (2-3). Pogba did eventually come on, put in a decent shift (unlike a few in the starting XI), but was unable to change the outcome.

There were a lot of talking points generated after the match. One topic being revived and spoken again – Is an individual more important than the team? Is Pogba more important than the psychological safety that is required for this group of players to function better as a team? Not at all!

The Distractions Continue!

Over the course of the next few days, this controversy did not stop. While some United legends like Gary Neville demanded that Paul Pogba should clear the air. Some fans had enough. This has been going on for a while now. This is a problem that Manchester United needs to solve. Paul Pogba and his agent are becoming a nuisance.

The Bild’s head of football Christian Falk claimed Raiola was under pressure from Pogba, 27, to arrange a transfer next year otherwise the Frenchman was considering seeking representation elsewhere. Raiola went on to speak against Bild on his Twitter and Instagram posts, congratulating them on becoming the ‘champions of fake news‘. Christian Falk was quick to disagree.

Pogba commented on Instagram post: “When you don’t know you don’t talk @bild.

Paul Pobga did eventually break the silence by posting the below on his Instagram account:

The latest talking about is from yesterday where his agent again claims that Paul Pogba would be going away next summer and not in January.

Mino Raiola: “[Paul] Pogba will have a great future. In England, they’re very sensitive when you talk about Pogba. I’ve just expressed my thoughts. I’ve said that Paul can leave in the summer, it’s hard to do top deals in January.

What Does This Mean For Manchester United And Paul Pogba?

One thing is for certain – Pogba may be a good player but it’s not working out between him and the club. These distractions and non-football related activities are doing more harm than good for the club.

With Paul Pobga now entering the last 18-months of his contract and an extension does not look to be in sight. Juventus and Real Madrid both have shown interest.

United will be better off without him. With 5-points on the leaders in the Premier League table, they have a lot of play for. They need to FOCUS on football.

Author: PM