Premier League Grades: Matchdays 35 and 36

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West Ham shone, Norwich sank, and Liverpool are still hungover it would seem but who was the best of the 20 teams in the last two matches? (Image from Woodbury FD)

Norwich relegated, Villa and Bournemouth level on points but still a lot of work to do. West Ham got a crucial win against Watford which should get them over the line but things definitely to play for at both ends after points dropping left right and centre. Here are the results:


Matchday 35:

Watford vs Newcastle 2-1

Norwich vs West Ham 0-4

Liverpool vs Burnley 1-1

Sheffield United vs Chelsea 3-0

Brighton vs Manchester City 0-5

Wolves vs Everton 3-0

Aston Villa vs Crystal Palace 2-0

Tottenham vs Arsenal 2-1

Bournemouth vs Leicester City 4-1

Manchester United vs Southampton 2-2


Matchday 36:

Chelsea vs Norwich 1-0

Newcastle vs Tottenham 1-3

Burnley vs Wolves 1-1

Manchester City vs Bournemouth 2-1

Arsenal vs Liverpool 2-1

Everton vs Aston Villa 1-1

Leicester City vs Sheffield United 2-0

Southampton vs Brighton 1-1

Crystal Palace vs Manchester United 0-2



LIVERPOOL 5/10 and 3/10 = 8/20

They huffed and puffed against Burnley and the players off the bench cannot impact the game fully. Henderson is a massive loss and genuinely makes the team tick. Pope was brilliant but you would expect this team to do better. Against Arsenal, their most reliable players messed up and Arsenal were clinical. Martinez made good saves but was not troubled a lot really. They need a number 10 because Firmino is playing as both a 9 and 10 and cannot do both roles well enough. I am hoping they turn up against Chelsea as they are being awarded the trophy so will want to perform well.


MANCHESTER CITY 10/10 and 7.5/10 = 17.5/20

Brilliant as they can be against Brighton and I was really expecting Brighton to worry Stones and Otamendi, but it was comfortable. Against Brighton, David Silva did well, and Jesus got another goal, but they were far from convincing. They do not have much to play for other than pride and will want to get to the FA Cup Final this weekend. 


CHELSEA = 2/10 and 7.5/10 = 9.5/20

Woeful defensively against Sheffield United and the goalkeeper was not great either. Henderson was rarely tested, and Chelsea should be embarrassed with that performance. They did get the crucial win against Norwich which was still far from convincing but all that was needed. FA Cup semi-finals on Sunday and they will want to get one over United who are 3/3 against Lampard’s Blues this season. 


LEICESTER CITY = 1/10 and 8/10 = 9/20

It took ten minutes from Bournemouth to dismantle Leicester’s half time lead and then Soyuncu was stupid enough to get an unnecessary red card and things went to pieces from there. They got the win when it mattered though against Sheffield United and played very well. Perez and Gray got vital wins that kept them in fourth but with Spurs and United to come, you would expect them to struggle in either game.


MANCHESTER UNITED = 5/10 and 8/10 = 13/20

I have to say, the draw with Southampton felt like a loss for me. It was gut-punching. To miss those chances early on which could have made it 4-1 and then to go down to ten men so unfortunately and concede that goal was heart-breaking and United remained in fifth. Romeu should have been sent off but that is beside the point. The Palace game was lucky but United were clinical and De Gea was brilliant. United remain in the hunt for Champions League but turn their attention to Chelsea and even with a tired first XI, I would back them to win and progress. 


WOLVES = 9.5/10 and 6/10 = 15.5/20

A fantastic win against Everton as the attacking play was fantastic and they were very solid at the back too. A vintage Wolves performance. Their draw was unfair as the handball was not a fair decision but did not play well enough to get the win anyway. They have Palace next and you would back them to win. 


TOTTENHAM = 8/10 and 8.5/10 = 16.5/20

Two massive wins for Spurs. The NLD victory was crucial and was a Mourinho masterclass. They could have got so many more if not for Martinez, but they got the win nonetheless and they deserved it. The Newcastle game could’ve been problematic as they turn up against the big sides but Mourinho steered his team to the victory again and, while they cannot reach the Champions League, they have a chance for the Europa which Jose will want to win next season. 


SHEFFIELD UNITED = 10/10 and 4/10 = 14/20

Great one match but poor the next, it does show they do not have the squad depth for European football next as this tightly packed fixture list is causing issues for them. They do have Everton next and could cause problems as Everton are poor defensively.


ARSENAL 4/10 and 9/10 = 13/20

They made their own problems against Spurs after taking the lead so well and paid for their stupidity with two goals. They were brilliant against Liverpool and capitalised on the errors made and kept their lead after being 0-1 down. The defenders actually played well, and you would expect them to operate as a back five against City in the FA Cup. 


BURNLEY 8/10 and 6/10 = 14/20

Two solid performances for Burnley but were lucky to equalise against Wolves. They remain a problem side, but I do not see them pushing for the Europa. 


EVERTON 2/10 and 5/10 = 8/20

They got back into the game against Villa but should never have been in that position. That is more than can be said for the Wolves game where they were battered relentlessly. Ancelotti has a lot of work to do but for now, Sheffield United could cause problems. 


SOUTHAMPTON 8/10 and 6.5/10

A great performance against United as they fought back into the game and gave United problems with their high press. They looked tired against Brighton but fought for the draw after missing some chances earlier in the game. They have got draws but will have to play better if they are going to win against Bournemouth as they will be fighting for the win. 


NEWCASTLE 4/10 and 4/10 = 8/20

Two poor performances and you have to say, the fact that they are safe has clearly affected their performances as they have not won in four games. They have Brighton next and I am not sure they will win.


CRYSTAL PALACE 4/10 and 5/10 = 9/20

Their form has dropped off a cliff after they were safe from relegation and it showed. They were unlucky with one moment in both games but then quality moments from both Villa and United cost Palace the points. They seem tired and losing Cahill was a massive loss and so was Van Aanholt against United. They have Wolves next and it could be a long game. 


WEST HAM 10/10 and 8.5/10 = 18.5/20

They have been brilliant in the last few weeks and Moyes has turned this side around. Two massive wins and they are practically safe now. They may rest players against United because, if it comes to it, the Villa game on the last day will be far more important to them. 


BRIGHTON 2/10 and 6/10 = 8/20

They were ripped apart by City and after that mauling, they earned their draw with Southampton. Maupay was very good and got his tenth goal of the season. They have two winnable games against Newcastle and Burnley, but I can see them both being draws. 


WATFORD 8/10 and 4/10 = 12/20

They got a good win against Newcastle and Bournemouth and Villa also won but the loss to West Ham was massive and they could still be relegated. They have City next and that will not be a fun game for them and Arsenal on the final day which could also pose problems for them. 


BOURNEMOUTH 9.5/10 and 5/10 = 14.5/20

They were brilliant against Leicester and Solanke finally performed well! They kept in the game against City and that is more than you can say for Brighton…or Liverpool. They have a big game against Southampton this weekend and you would back them to put up a fight. 


ASTON VILLA 8.5/10 and 7/10 = 15.5/20

They have played better but is it too little too late? We will have to see but Arsenal and West Ham left for them are certainly not easy games. Arsenal may be tired after the FA Cup so that could play into their hands and if West Ham guarantee safety before the final game, they could win that one too.


NORWICH 1/10 and 5/10 = 6/20

Well, no one is surprised. They are relegated and while they have shown their qualities during the season, it has not been enough, and they are out. They have some good players, but the injuries and defensive limitations has cost them, and they will be back in the Championship next season, but I can see them coming back up if they keep their players. 





Author: TUD Author