Jack Grealish To Manchester United Transfer Update

Grealish to United fizzling out?
Source: SkySports

With the season done and United miraculously sitting in third position, the only things to look forward to are the transfer buzz and our upcoming Europa league campaign. With United looking to seal the deal on Sancho and reports circulating that they have upped their transfer fee for Sancho, what has happened with Grealish to United rumors?
Manchester United certainly need to improve their squad depth as the current squad is not good enough to allow for United to compete on all fronts. There have been numerous times this season where Solskjaer has needed to make substitutions to rest key players, but the lack of quality on the bench has been a massive issue. Jack Grealish would, without a doubt, improve our options going forwards and would be a brilliant backup player for Bruno Fernandes. An interesting stat is that Jack Grealish is the most fouled player in the Premier League this season, and has broken the record for being the most fouled player in any Premier League season. 

At the moment it seems that he is undecided with regards to his future. United had been showing interest over the season but the Sancho saga has watered down interest from United. It seems as though United have been putting all of their focus and attention into the Sancho deal. 

Several clubs have shown interest in him, with the Gunners having made an enquiry into how much they could pry him away for from Villa to Arsenal, according to Sky Sports. 

With Aston Villa not willing to let him go for anything shorter than £80 million, it might be worth looking elsewhere to fill our squad depth in preparation for next season. Had he be going for less than that amount I would see United trying their utmost in purchasing him. The transfer season has not concluded though so it will be interesting to see what further news develops. But for now, although United’s interest in him is concrete, it does not look likely that the two clubs will be able to agree upon a price. 

Author: TUD Author