Astonishing! – Borussia Dortmund reveal why Jude Bellingham chose them over Manchester United

Bellingham snubbed United to join Dortmund but why? 
Image from The Metro

It was confirmed on Monday 20th July at 10:30am that the 17-year-old Englishman, Jude Bellingham will move from Birmingham City to Dortmund on a long-term deal worth £60,000 a week with the club paying €30 million for his services and therefore turning down a chance of a lifetime in playing for the biggest club in England, Manchester United and the chance to play at Old Trafford infront of 75,000+ fans.

This brought shock towards the United fan community wondering why a young teenager would turn down United after travelling with his parents to Carrington and exploring what the Red Devil’s would be offering. On that day he met Ole, Carrick and Sir Alex Ferguson. He then immediately left smiling. 

So why did he choose Dortmund over United ?

According to a Bundersliga director Zorg he chose Dortmund over United due to the fact Dortmund could over him first team football and the prospect on the pitch were more better suited for his needs as well as the financial package the Black and Yellows could provide for him. Dortmund couldn’t wait for the new season to begin naming him the next young English talent after Sancho. The Dortmund sporting director released quotes the other day about Jude and this is what he had to say:

“Jude will immediately strengthen our first team squad, but we will certainly give him all the time he needs to adapt to the higher level of play. He has enormous potential, which we will continue to develop together with him over the coming years. He already boasts astonishing quality with and without the ball, and has a strong mentality to boot.

These intriguing quotes shows Borussia Dortmund fans that this young teenager will be a fan favourite during the new Bundersliga season. After playing over 30 games in the Championship, this young talented midefielder could become the next best thing with plenty of time to develop and improve. Well you have to wait a couple more months to see him in action in front of the Yellow Wall but why did Manchester United miss out one of the most promising players in England? Well, let’s find out:

Next season the priority for Manchester United is getting themselves back in the hunt for a Premier League title and, while youngsters are part of their DNA, as demonstrated this season, the first team is all about players who can deliver success now. Borussia Dortmund have ‘previous experience’ when it comes to the development of English talent. Jadon Sancho also moved to the club as a 17-year-old and in the last three years has made 74 starts, scoring 34 goals on his journey to becoming one of the hottest talents in Europe. 

Bellingham and his advisors would have looked at Sancho as the blueprint for what might come next and it is said that their decision to opt for the Bundesliga over the Premier League is all down to playing time for the teenager and they believe he will get more of that at Dortmund. While no one at Manchester United has said it explicitly, do not rule out Jude Bellingham ending up in Germany as part of a process that sees Sancho move to Old Trafford. Tier One Journalist, Christian Falk had this to say on the Jadon Sancho transfer saga:

It does not mean that any deal is done, because the impression I am given is that the negotiations will need to be creative due to the coronavirus situation and there is still the small matter of United actually securing a spot in the Champions League. That could potentially drag on deep into August if they have to win the Europa League to do it. Dortmund want €120 million but I’m sorry they won’t be getting that this summer. If United bid €85 million plus add ons Dortmund will likely accept the offer. We are in for a long summer on this deal so strap in Manchester United fans.

Finally on Jude Bellingham, I wouldn’t be surprised if Manchester United in 2-4 years sign Haaland and Bellingham from Borussisa Dortmund two of Ole targets that he met and wanted to sign. So prepare for that, but until now, bring on Leicester City and Champions League qualification!

Author: TUD Author