A U-turn in Transfer Saga? Dembele over Sancho for Manchester United?!

Sancho and Dembele
Jadon Sancho or Ousmane Dembele? (Tribuna)

Manchester United are reportedly eyeing on bringing Ousmane Dembele to Old Trafford should the Jadon Sancho deal fall. Now, this raises an interesting question because most Tier 1 sources, including Fabrizio Romano, reported that the Sancho deal is as good as done from the player’s side.

But then, there also have been reports telling that COVID-19 pandemic has affected the club’s revenues, and Manchester United have not agreed with Borussia Dortmund upon the transfer fee of the young English winger. The English club believes they are nowhere near Dortmund’s valuation and would like it to be halved! It is for this reason that reports regarding Ousmane Dembele transfers have made it to the headlines.

If the Ousmane Dembele deal goes through, it is reported to cost United at 50 Million Euros, and if that doesn’t happen, Manchester United are also open to accepting Jadon Sancho on a loan period with obligation to buy, which will take his transfer fee over 150 Million Euros. So, is Sancho worth all the hassle? Or should United go for Dembele?

Let’s find this out using factors that matter the most –

By the sidelines:

Players go through injuries all the time and Jadon Sancho and Ousmane Dembele are no exceptions. However, a good fitness record demonstrates higher work rate and consistency, and more so under Ole because we play a system that demands players to cover more distance and have better work rate their counterparts on the pitch. So here’s the injruy record of both the wingers –

Dembele injury record
Ousmane Dembele ended up a good chunk of his season on sidelines (Transfermarkt)

Jadon Sancho has excelled and put excellent performances day in and day out (Transfermarkt)

It’s in the game?

But injuries keep happening to even best of the players, right? Maybe Dembele is better than Sancho when it comes to the performance on the pitch? Well, here too, we’ve got only disappointments for our fans  

Sancho vs. Dembele
Radar also shows Englishman’s dominance over his French counterpart for last 2 seasons (Understat)

If Radar comparison feels complex, even the simple goal contribution statistics will prove how Jadon Sancho has outperformed Ousmane Dembele heavily this season. Dortmund winger is enjoying an excellent season with over 38 goal contributions, while Dembele had a struggling season with hardly a couple of goal contributions (stats from WhoScored).

Having proved how Dembele isn’t a right fit for Manchester United, I’d like to conclude about what I feel about this whole transfer ordeal –

Conclusion – 

As a United fan who has watched Ed Woodward’s recent negotiations and United’s way of getting players, there hardly seems to be any truth in these reports. The articles about Dembele emerged as soon as Borussia Dortmund decided to set the last date for negotiating in Sancho matter.

So, this, in my opinion, is a reply from Manchester United to show that they’re strong too and need not rely on one club or player. Hopefully, this attempt aligns all the stars right, and Dortmund agrees to pocket whatever they get for Jadon Sancho. If not, English winger’s contract is set to expire next June, and that will make it only more difficult for Dortmund then to get anything fruitful out of the deal.

Author: TUD Author