Top 10 Manchester United goals – 2019/20 Edition

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Football is set to start again after a long break and it’ll no longer be a boring state of affairs when you watch our young lads breaking down the toughest of defenses with their abilities. To make sure that you are pumped up and ready for the restart, we at The United Devils have brought you our list of Top 10 goals this season by Manchester United. Stay tuned till end and let us know if your favorite goal made it to this list –

10. Daniel James vs. Southampton

Best goal by Daniel James in United shirt, it came in August 2019 and was his third goal in the Premier League. The goal started with James receiving the pass on left-flank, and then cutting inside at the edge of box before unleashing a ferocious strike sending the ball in top-right corner of the net.



09. Bruno Fernandes vs. Everton

Bruno Fernandes signed for United in January, and it wasn’t many days after signing that he scored this beauty against Everton. It all started with a pass from Matic at edge of the final-third, from where he took the ball a step ahead, noticed Pickford’s wrong positioning, and made sure to make his observation count by hitting the ball hard into bottom left-hand corner.


08. Harry Maguire vs. Tranmere Rovers

Skipper curled in his first goal against Tranmere Rovers in5th Round of FA Cup. He made a forward run, received the ball outside box, and then wrapped it to his right, taking it out of goalkeeper’s reach. It was named as January Goal of the Month for Manchester United. Leading by example, you ask? Harry Maguire, we say.


07. Mason Greenwood vs. Newscastle United

United’s Golden Boy, Greenwood has already made a strong start and scored some stunners in his first senior season. The best of the bunch came against Newcastle United as a result of high-press by United that forced a Magpies defender into making wrong pass. Greenwood snatched the chance, cut inside from the right-flank, and unleashed a strike with his left foot that saw ball crashing into woodwork before landing beyond the line.


06. Scott McTominay vs. Arsenal

Another gem of a goal by one of the academy talents, the strike came against Arsenal at Old Trafford and was the only goal in game by Manchester United. The chain for it started from a United counter attack where James sprinted with the ball down the right flank and crossed it to Rashford. And Rashford smartly held the ball despite going for a shot himself, and then slided it for McTominay who took the shot right from outside of the box, and left Arsenal defence awestruck with a top left corner finish.


05. Odin Ighalo vs. LASK

Currently on loan from Shenghua of Chinese Super League, Nigerian striker made his mark with a delightful goal against Europa League side LASK. The main highlight of his goal was the composed ball control he showed before placing it flawlessly in top left corner. 


04. Anthony Martial vs. Watford

The goal came in Manchester United’s 3-0 victory over Watford at Old Trafford. It all started as a result of a precise through ball by Bruno Fernandes landing at Martial’s feet, who took the shot immediately only to see it get blocked by Ben Foster and the defense unit.

While many would lose hope or hold their head in hands, the French striker proved why he is unique. He held the ball, waited for the right moment so that whole defense rushes towards him, and then beautifully chipped the ball over Ben Foster. The incredible goal shattered Watford’s all hopes of comeback. Talk about impact.

And now, fasten your seatbelts as we present you with the Top 3 goals of the 19/20 season till now –

03. Scott McTominay vs. Manchester City

Manchester derbies have given us numerous astonishing goals, and of all the 4 clashes this year, one goal that stood out the most is Scott McTominay’s late strike against City.
It started as a result of wrong throw by Ederson, which saw ball landing in the middle of City’s half out of no where. As soon as the ball landed, Scottish showed his great awarness, made the run, and took a strike from way out. Moments later we hear fans screaming at top of their voices for the last time before football got suspended indefinitely.


02. Anthony Martial vs. Partizan

It’s not everyday that you witness the full fury of our #9. But when you do, you just can’t forget it. Similar episode happened with Juventus (as you can see in  the picture at the top. Badges look a bit different because they are Piemonte Calcio in FIFA 20) in a clash at European stage. At least this is the story I’m going to tell to my kids in future.

Jokes aside, Martial’s best goal of the season came against Partizan. It was a solo effort where he started from the wing, drifted inside, dribbled past 1!, past 2!!, past 3!!!, past Goalkeeper!!! and tucked it calmly in bottom left-hand corner. Goal was marked with a usual cold smile by French man. Truly elite!


01. Marcus Rashford vs. Chelsea

Imagine playing a crucial tie in FA Cup where both teams are dominating the match equally and none of them shows no signs of giving up while eagerly waiting for one chance to open up the game. Manchester United vs. Chelsea was the epitome of this until Marcus Rashford’s goal happened.

It was an astounding knuckleball freekick from 35 yeards out and sent everyone into frenzy. Ball went over the wall, then dipped, and floated before finally hitting the top left bin. It was not the first time when supporters backed Rashford to be like Ronaldo, but it was certainly the moment that convinced that Manc bred youngster certainly has as much potential. The goal attracted crazy reactions from all over the world, including players themselves. This was what Victor Lindelof posted after the match –

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