Should Ole Give Bruno Fernandes A Rest?

Manchester United line up vs Norwich includes Bruno Fernandes ...
Image from Manchester Evening News

There is no doubting that Bruno Fernandes has had a huge impact on Manchester United since his arrival from Sporting Lisbon in January, he has almost single-handedly turned our fortunes around. In fact, since he arrived, the team has managed to go on their longest unbeaten run of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s reign, the win against Norwich making it 8 wins and 4 draws.
However, since the restart of football following the Coronavirus break, Bruno has started all 3 games, playing a total of 290 minutes in 8 days.
In the build up to the game against Sheffield United, it was predicted by The United Devils that he might get a rest for the game, seeing as he had played the full 90 just days before without a pre-season. However, he started the match and was only subbed 10 minutes before the end, with Ole clearly believing he is one of the men in our starting XI who can make the most impact when on the pitch.
Following that, after the Gaffer made 8 changes to the team, Bruno’s name was still on the team sheet to start, which he followed up with by playing all 120 minutes of the game. However, this was not the Bruno Fernandes performance that Manchester United fans have become accustomed to during his as-of-yet-short stay at the club. He looked a little dogged while on the ball, seemingly a little lacking in his play and not popping out the quick passes that he normally does, whilst his corners and long shots on the face of it made very little impact.
One has to wonder if Solskjaer is planning on resting him for the upcoming Brighton game, after he has seen so much game time in such a short period. The reason teams now take a water break and receive 5 substitutions per match is purely because teams were worried how players would fare with completing the season so hurriedly after such a long time away from the game.
Therefore, it must be expected that Bruno will be rested for the Brighton game, unless he has spoken with the manager himself to let him know he is fit? Judging by his performance against Norwich, it might be time that the manager steps in and forces him to take a break, as our attack lacked imagination and seemed stale.
Fans, without a doubt, will be expecting us to pick up where we left off against Sheffield United when the league returns and the chase for a Champions League place once again takes centre stage.

Author: TUD Author