Old Trafford – Leave or Renovate?

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Old Trafford has been home to Manchester United’s since 1910, but in recent years the stadium has been neglected by the owners of the club making one of the most impressive and largest stadiums in the country in the last 20 years, into an out of date stadium which while still beloved by the fans of the club doesn’t have the same draw that it used to from fans of the sport.

The stadium hasn’t been left in complete disarray with Old Trafford undergoing several expansions in the 1990s, and 2000s, including the addition of extra tiers to the North, West and East Stands making the stadium’s capacity 74,879, the largest capacity club ground in the UK. However, there is so much more that could be done and developed which has been completely ignored by the board and owners. A club as big as Manchester United and with the worldwide fanbase it has, could easily fill a stadium with a capacity of over 100,000. And yet since the early 2000s the stadium has not seen any major changes or increases in capacity. So with other big English clubs such as Manchester City, Arsenal and now Spurs all building new stadiums in recent years, is it rime for united to follow suit or stay and try to make Old Trafford into the centre piece of the English Football once again?

It’s clear something has to be done, so the decision is between building a new stadium or renovating Old Trafford. Both options come with separate problems. Building a new stadium would cost upwards of 1 billion to build and also would involve the club moving from its famous Stadium where are all of the clubs memories have been made, could we really move from The Theatre of Dreams? Renovating Old Trafford would also cost money for the board and owners, however it would be significantly less than building a new stadium. The one major problem with renovating Old Trafford is that there isn’t a ground to expand on the current plot of land due to the canal and tram service. This would result in only extensions of existing stands and no real expansion of the grounds of Old Trafford.

Overall, personally I’d like it to renovate Old Trafford and turn it back into the biggest and best stadium in the country. There is so much history in a stadium like Old Trafford that I find it hard that we could ever leave even if the new stadium would be state of the art and and have better facilities. When you imagine the legends that stepped on the pitch Old Trafford, can we really consider moving grounds?

Author: TUD Author