Manchester United’s Midfield Problem

Source: 90mins

Following the end of the summer transfer window, we can now analyse the squad we have left, and it is easy to see that we have huge problems in our midfield.

Following the January departure of Fellaini and the summer departure of Ander Herrera, we have been left thin on the ground in terms of midfield reinforcements. Both the positions of attacking midfield and defensive midfield are lacking depth and good options for Solskjaer to use. These is leaving the team with a lack of creativity and defensive solidity in midfield.

The current options for Solskjaer in the centre of the park are Pogba, Scott McTominay Fred and Matic. These options show a real lack of strength in depth and quality. Pogba is clearly the best of these midfielders but even he is inconsistent and needs other members of the midfield to help him out. Even with Pogba’s quality, we need more from him as on his day he can control the game on his own. Another useful player is Scott McTominay, he might not be technically the best but he is a hard-working and combative midfielder in the centre of the park. He and Pogba together currently make base of United midfield, and while this is an average combination it isn’t the sort of midfield we can use for the full season.

This takes us to the midfield outcasts of a squad Fred and Matic. Both of these players on their day can excellent and a great part of the squad, unfortunately both are hugely inconsistent with Fred failing to adjust to the league and Matic seemingly losing his legs and mobility on the field. The inconsistencies these bring make it difficult for Solskjaer to play them, however with the lack of options we have he might just have to turn to them for reinforcements, which just isn’t good enough for a club like Manchester United.

Overall, we can see that we’re extremely thin on the ground in terms of midfield reinforcements and this might cause a huge problem for United to deal with over the course of the season. We can only hope that players such as Fred and Matic can help step up and provide for the team, as well as hopefully some players from the youth being able to get minutes and develop this season.

Author: TUD Author