#GlazerOut: Why this is a good campaign and a step in the right direction

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Image from BBC
Last season was a disaster and Manchester United fans are frustrated. Sadly, the board from what is going on thinks otherwise. After a mediocre season, we expect that as we head into the pre-season tour, 3-4 signings should have already been made. 
We have seen online trends like #UnfollowManchesterUnited and #GlazersOut becoming more and more popular. We even saw a petition to have the under performing players currently at the club leave. Although some people will laugh at such saying that we have no control over the Glazers’ business, I am here to show you that yes, these online movements are a step in the right direction to force these people out of the club.
Naturally, when a business fails to follow through with promises, customers, employees and partners are more likely to question the truthfulness of all the organisation’s current and future messages. Regaining trust can be difficult and time-consuming. Mistrust expressed by word of mouth and through social media can take years to repair and often can only be remedied by the number of vocal supporters eventually outnumbering the critics. As it stands now, our voice is the loudest, we need to keep it at that.
The deep-seeded attitudes and feelings the fans have toward the club are hitting negatives at the moment. This in turn will reduce sales over time. The club sponsors normally ride on the good publicity around the club. With the online image of the club being affected, brace yourselves to see few sponsorship deals being signed and many opting out to go support more successful teams. This in turn will force the Glazers to think twice, or eventually sell the club due to a decrease in revenue.

Author: TUD Author