Manchester United Vs Juventus player ratings

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Manchester United just wrapped up their third match of the champions league campaign but unfortunately it fell to a defeat to Italy giants, Juventus. 1-0 isn’t too bad but considering that it was at home and United wanted to sit back, it was very disappointing in my opinion & on a night where absolutely no subs were made! But the official match ratings are in and here is where the Manchester United players stand for tonight’s fixture.

De Gea: 8
Despite conceding a goal (not much he could do about it) he deserves at least an 8 and if I’m being honest here, there could of been 2-3 more goals added if it wasn’t for De Gea’s important saves.

Young: 6.
Although it looked he was trying to do whatever it took to get forward, he kept bringing in fouls on Ronaldo & couldn’t make too much happen on the attack.

Smalling: 6.5
Smalling was decent & I think improved through the match & got forward at times, solid game for me.

Lindelof: 7.5
Lindelof was a bit shaky in the first half but got himself together in the second half & was the teams best player against Juventus. He made important interceptions & some tackles. May very well be our best defender.

Shaw: 6.
Luke Shaw was our best player first half, he wasn’t bad tonight but it wasn’t his best performance.

Matic: 5.5
I have been very unimpressed with Matic so far this season, he just didn’t seem alive to me. Poor performance in my book.

Pogba: 6.5
Pogba hit the post with a great shot but wasn’t very lucky enough for it to go in. He looked like he wanted to make something happen for the team but couldn’t.

Rashford: 5.5
Rashford for me didn’t add anything too much going forward. Frustrating night for him.

Lukaku: 4.
If it wasn’t for his size, I’d probably would have forgotten he was in the game. He added absolutely nothing. Perhaps he needs to have a seat on the bench.

Martial: 6.5
Had some bright moments going through the defenders on some occasions, but couldn’t get the back of the net with his shots. He dropped back, which is positive, but couldn’t spark anything today.

Author: TUD Author