Manchester United vs Swansea City Player Ratings

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Manchester United beat Swansea City 2-0 at Old Trafford in what was a great first half from the team. Goals from Lukaku and Sanchez before the half time whistle saw us maintain our position in the league table. 

Alexis Sanchez was the man of the match after a goal and an assist. This comes at a really good time for him when a lot of fans were calling for him to be dropped. This should pick his confidence up and hopefully we see the old Sanchez from now on.
Anyway, without further ado, let’s get into the player ratings.
David De Gea – 9/10
Not a game goes by when we don’t feel the presence of the greatest goalkeeper in the world right now. He made a superb double save to make sure Swansea don’t have a chance to get back into the game. 
Antonio Valencia – 7/10
As I have been saying for a while now, Valencia hasn’t been good or bad. But we still need a new right back for a more prolific presence. If we need to compete for the league next season, we cannot have flank players who do just enough. 
Victor Lindelof – 8/10
He was immense last night; got into the thick of things and won his battles. I really see a future for him at the club. He can really be that ball playing centre back who steps up when we need to build from the back.
Chris Smalling – 7/10
Smalling hasn’t been too bad after his debacle against Spurs. However, he is like a ticking time bomb. We never know when the next mess up is happening. Anyway, lets enjoy it while it lasts!
Ashley Young – 7.5/10
While he was better than his counterpart on the other flank, it was the better of two mediocrities. Young has had his moments this season, but again, if we are going to compete for the title next season, we need a top quality left back. I wish the club were more clear on the Luke Shaw situation. 
Nemanja Matic – 8/10
Matic was his usual solid self. He did his job well and won majority of the tackles in midfield. As one of the best signings this season, I think its going to be tough replacing him in the future as he grows older.
Paul Pogba – 8/10
After his stunning display against Russia in the international break, we were hoping he’d replicate for club as well. He sure did. Pogba was a strong midfield enforcer last night and I hope he can further better that form amidst all these baseless rumors. 
Juan Mata – 8/10
Mata has a very positive effect on the attacking aspect of our game. He brings the best out of our attackers and shares the load on Pogba. Letting him go in the summer would be a big mistake. 
Alexis Sanchez – 9/10
What a comeback this man has made. It speaks volumes about his mentality. After a string of poor games, he shuts all his critics up by practically winning the game for us. I really hope to see more of this Alexis in the future.
Jesse Lingard – 8.5/10
This man has been having a stunning season. He sent Martial to our bench, Alli to England’s bench and essentially ended Arsenal’s season that night. He also got an assist last night. Its an exciting time at the club with Rashford, Martial and Lingard playing there. 
Romelu Lukaku – 8.5/10
Another game, another Lukaku goal. He did his job well and opened the scoring. Congratulations to him for scoring his 100th Premier League goal at the young age of 24.
Marcus Rashford – 7.5/10
He didn’t contribute to much because the game was practically won by the time he came onto the pitch. However, as his talent is indisputable, I hope he gets much more game time.
Ander Herrera – 7/10
Like Rashford, he came on when there wasn’t much to do- good to see him making a comeback though.
Scott McTominay – N/A

Anyway, those are my player ratings for this game. Let us know what you think. Onto the next game!

Author: TUD Author