Hull City vs Manchester United

Chelsea just won their match against Burnley meaning that they have kept a hundred percent record so far into the season, they stood top of the league before our match and to match them we needed defeat Hull City to also match their record under this fine new era of optimism and opportunity. Hull city have started this years campaign on a high, beating their 2 previous opponents, one being the champions, and with many comparing them to last seasons Leicester.

The first half was average for United. The big name players like Wayne Rooney or Paul Pogba seemed constrained in midfield not being able to find that similar freedom that they had against Southampton. However Zlatan Ibrahimovic rose to the occasion and caused the most irritation to the Hull defenders. They’re were plenty of chances for him that he created from thin air however it wasn’t meant to be, especially the back heel kick even though it was offside. Mata drifting in to the centre is proving difficult for Rooney as the space is running out. Mata did play right wing for LVG but always drifted in, and there isn’t any doubt in my heart that he can create chances and bury them if he has to but just how much space is there in the centre? Enough for Rooney and Mata to both share? Must Jose make the decision to bench a fan favourite like Mata or the mascot and face of Manchester United for many years, Wayne Rooney.

The defensive display was nearly impeccable except for Snodgrass who seemed especially dangerous on taking set pieces. However he picked the wrong fight with the goal post and was substituted off. Luke Shaw had a brave battle with him throughout the first half and even prevented Snodgrass from hitting a header from a dangerous cross. Luke Shaw is playing well but isn’t showing that same lethal form as he did at the start of last season. If he does, opponents beware.

The second half started similarly to how the first half ended. A little boring with United hogging the possession. Mourinho brought on Henrikh Mkhitaryan and didn’t he spur to life?! He made amazing runs and looked dangerous enough that the only decision that seemed viable to the Hull City players was to forcefully bring him down. But the player that took centre stage tonight is Manchester’s very own, Rashford. The starlight of the north. The incredibly accident find of last season. His goal came through United’s siege, wave after wave. Attack after attack and suddenly in the 92nd minute a breakthrough.

In the next match, to improve, I reckon we should start with Mkhitaryan and bench Mata just to allow Rooney to have more space as he can make dangerous runs. Also I believe Martial should play more on the wing as you he comes more closer to Zlatan and he’s left Shaw on the wing on his own.


Author: TUD Author