Louis van Gaal’s position has become untenable

Following the failure to achieve the minimum target set to him by Ed Woodward Louis van Gaal’s position as the manger of Manchester United has become untenable. It is now inevitable that the Dutchman will leave the club after the FA Cup final regardless of the result. Van Gaal has been clinging to the hope of finishing in the top 4 for months as he has faced revolt from the Manchester United fans who are desperate for a change in the dugout with the majority fully backing Jose Mourinho to take the job.

Louis van Gaal’s second season at Old Trafford has been abject at best. His team has been abysmal to watch on the pitch and the manager himself has infuriated the Old Trafford faithful. Despite spending £250 million on players in his two seasons at the club he has resided over a humiliating season resulting in a 5th place finish in the league, Champions League and Europa League humiliation, defeat to Middlesbrough at Old Trafford and an FA Cup final. A season that is no where near good enough at Manchester United. However according to Louis van Gaal it is acceptable because he believes ‘expectations are too high’. Sorry Louis but expectations are high when you spend a quarter of a billion pound on players and as you said at your unveiling ‘the aim is always to finish first’. This is a manager who has become blinded by arrogance and is a lame duck drifting from one game to the next.

The mood at the club has become more toxic and downbeat than the darkest days of the David Moyes era. Louis van Gaal and his philosophy has taken away the enjoyment from watching Manchester United to the point where fans only watch their team out of duty and it feels like a chore to do so. The atmosphere at Old Trafford has been flat all season with Old Trafford witnessing the fewest amount of goals scored in a Premier League stadium this season. It has been a season in which Louis van Gaal has ripped the heart and soul out of the club with his tedious boring football. Its not like watching Manchester United anymore it feels like watching a totally different football team and its deeply upsetting.

Louis van Gaal was greeted by a chorus of boos as he made his speech on the Old Trafford pitch for the last home game of the season. Even David Moyes retained the respect of the crowd right until the very end despite the disastrous time he endured at the club. It is damning of the Dutch manager that he has berated by both fans and former players a like most notably Paul Scholes and Peter Schmeichel both have been avid critics of Louis van Gaal. When there is such a massive tidal wave against a manager there is only one outcome and that is change and it is now inevitable that change will be on its way.

When the mood at a football club is so grim a boost is needed something that can energize a club. There is no doubt that the departure of Louis van Gaal as manager will bring jubilation amongst most Manchester United fans. Manchester United need a manager who understands the club they need a proven serial winner. It is time for Ed Woodward and the board to put their faith in a long term vision not a lame duck manager. It is time for them to put their faith in Jose Mourinho. A man who has wanted the job at Old Trafford for years, a man who will bring energy to the club. A man who will bring passion to the club and free Old Trafford from van Gaal’s philosophy.

Author: TUD Author