Louis van Gaal celebrates mediocrity on the night Leicester City win the league

Its rather fitting that on the night Leicester City were crowned Premier League champions Louis van Gaal had the opportunity to address the Manchester United fans at the end of season awards night. He gave a rousing speech at last years awards ceremony in which he promised the world to the fans and declared ‘we are close!’ to being able to win the Premier League. This years speech had a rather different take to it but Louis was still able to make 5th place seem like the greatest achievement in the clubs history with his usual rhetoric of excuses and false positives.

No less than an hour after Leicester had won the league Louis van Gaal said one of his infamous catchphrases ‘its a process’ he declared yet again. The words used by the Manchester United manager in almost every time he speaks usually he used it as an excuse to explain why his team have been so poor this season. However on a night were Claudio Ranieri had lead his Leicester team to the league title the rhetoric from Louis was not going to wash with the fans of Manchester United. How can it be possible that Ranieri had lead the 5000/1 team to the title 10 months after taking over. Surly it cannot be possible? What about the process? That is how you would be thinking if you believed the rubbish Louis van Gaal comes out with. A manager who has spent more in 2 seasons than Leicester have in their entire history but it’s okay because as he loves to remind everyone before the injuries Manchester United were 1st in the league.

Louis then took the opportunity to inform us all that the expectations at Manchester United are ‘too high’ and it is because of this that his team have struggled. It is quite ironic that this is a manager who this time a year ago was embracing the expectations of the club and was even upping the expectations of the fans. He complained that the expectations that are too high but in the next breath boasted ‘I am arrogant because I am one of the best managers in the world’. Most people probably find it strange that one of the best managers in the world believes his players have ‘contributed to the success of the season’. A season that has reached the incredible heights of 5th place and the FA Cup final. How is it that the worlds biggest football club has been reduced to such mediocrity and the fact that the hierarchy at the club seem happy to accept the mediocrity Louis van Gaal is shackling the club with is deeply concerning and disappointing.

Author: TUD Author