European Super League: Stop Trying To Destroy My Memories

When greed for money tries to overthrow the love for the game, Love always wins! Thanks for the reminder Super League.

Leadership is a privilege to better the lives of others. It is not an opportunity to satisfy personal greed.

Down the memory lane: 21 years ago

The date was 26th May 1999. The venue – Camp Nou. It was the grandest occasion of them all. The UEFA Champions League Final. Manchester United vs Barcelona. At stake was everything the Manchester United players had ever hoped for. At stake was the glory that 13 league titles did not provide them.

The Red Devils went from a nightmare start to a finish that most of us had never dreamt of. History books needed to be rewritten that night. Hardly any United fan across the world stopped celebrating for the next few days.

Among those excited fans was a child, living halfway across the world from Manchester United. For him, Football was Manchester United. There was nothing else. This fan had an exam due the next day which he failed. Since he was up celebrating the entire night.

Super League: Attack on our history

This is what the European Super League tried to do. It tried destroy this beautiful game.

I am not naive, I understand the current situation is not perfect (far from it). But those glorious nights in Champions League, fighting hard the entire season to win the league and a place in next year’s Champions League, that push, that drive, that fighting spirit, kept us going.

How many of us still relive the pain of losing to Barcelona in 2009 and then again in 2011? How many of us still feel overjoyed thinking about John Terry missing his penalty in 2008 that ultimately won us the title?

The answer is all of us! All of us have stood behind our club. And why were these matches special? Because it was the outcome of grit, determination, and desire to excel.

Super League: Attack on the whole system

The owners of these six breakaway English teams thought that they are the system. They never thought anything past the money they would make. How this would affect the people, the dreamers, the fans who make all of this possible.

Football is nothing without the fans.

When greed overpowers love, a Super League is born. But when fans’ passion and hurt comes out, the world bows down. The owners, the superstars, forget that it’s the fans who make them. Get them to sit on a throne so high. It’s on our shoulders. We move away, the whole structure comes crashing down.

Same way, these six clubs are part of the system that works from the grassroots, to help different parts of society. Football becomes more than just a sport. One cannot survive on the other. These ‘big clubs’ need each other and the entire system as the system needs them.

Super League: You’ll never win

The fans came out United! This was a moment in history where being a rival did not matter. United, Liverpool, Chelsea, Arsenal, City, Spurs were all one. Everyone was united to fight the evil money monsters. And when the fans United together there was no stopping them. We stood together and repelled the attack on our beautiful game.

And it was not just the fans. Our legends, our current players, our managers, all stood together and did their part. No one apart from a group of greedy owners wanted this and we made our voice heard! The teams had no option but to pull out of this idiotic venture.

The aftermath and #GlazersOut

Ed Woodward has been forced to resign. There is a general agreement between the fans that since the time Woodward has been running things at United, it has gone from being a football club to a pure money-making business. You will hardly see a fan shedding a tear seeing him go.

Joel Glazer thought writing an open-letter to the fans, his first communication with us in 16 years, would sit well.


The fans absolutely rejected this cowardly act. Fans all across the world are asking for Glazers to finally leave United. One thing is for certain this time. We’re not giving up.

Glory Glory Man United!

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