Istanbul Basaksehir vs Manchester United Player Ratings

Istanbul Basaksehir vs Manchester United Summary

Manchester United inexplicably suffered another defeat and this time to Istanbul Basaksehir. The game ended in the first half after Basaksehir found themselves 2-0 up against United after a defensive horror-show from the away side. United remain top of the group on six points but have put themselves in a difficult position. What’s more the result means that United are winless in two games and have put a lot of pressure on the away trip to Everton on Saturday. A game that is sure to be a make-or-break result for Ole Gunnar Solskjaer. While a lot of blame has gone to Ole for the results, most of it should lie with the players. So here we go for another scathing player ratings for United:

Istanbul Basaksehir vs Manchester United Player Ratings:

Dean Henderson 5/10

While he had very little to do today it was still not a great performance. I am sceptical of the second goal as it was very close to Henderson who was beaten for pace. I do think that if it were David de Gea in goal, the criticism would heap up and that is the marker Henderson will always be set to. Other than that he had nothing to do so there it is.

Aaron Wan-Bissaka 4/10

I am not too sure what to say. When we needed him in attack he was almost non-existent but that is the limitation we know. What I fail to understand is why he decided he had to get in the box and leave Demba Ba totally free for the first goal. A bad decision at the wrong time and a costly one.

Axel Tuanzebe 3/10

We thought this would be another chance for Axel to show what he’s got but far from it! It was a bad display from Tuanzebe but he has a lot of time to make amends. He was subbed off at half time.

Harry Maguire 3/10

He almost found a late equaliser but that was all he really contributed all game. In a match in which we needed leaders and after a presser where he denied United lacked voices, his was absent. United needed Maguire to shout for urgency and players to get forward but I couldn’t see anything of the sort. He needs to marshal the backline and the players ahead of him. He’s the captain afterall!

Luke Shaw 5/10

He seemed to be the only player trying in attack. Even with this, he was slow getting back and that has been a big problem for him over the last three or four years.

Nemanja Matic 1/10

After going above and beyond the line of duty for United against Arsenal, he failed to do the basics against Basaksehir. That’s all I have to say on that. It pains me to go in any further.

Donny Van De Beek 4/10

Some things good but a lot of things bad. He played as a left winger for half of the game and was not able to do what he did best by the position he was supposed to play. A bad decision on Ole’s part but Van De Beek didn’t play well regardless.

Juan Mata 1/10

He was put in a bad position for the second goal but he was pretty shocking all game. Right decision to take him off, surprised it lasted as long as it did!

Bruno Fernandes 1/10

There was a point where Bruno stopped trying intricate passing for the first time in his United career. He seemed broken by the shambles as much as anyone. Very, very poor. Can only get better from here.

Marcus Rashford 1/10

Non-existent. That’s it. I hope he bounces back and he has that never-say-die attitude to do so. We’ll have to see.

Anthony Martial 5/10

Despite Paul Scholes’ abhorrent statement, Martial actually got United back into the game and tried to create quick buildup but was still part of a bad team performance. I don’t understand how Paul Scholes managed to single Martial and Pogba out of the whole team. The only possible reason would be a xenophobic or racial agenda because there is no way that he could scrutinise just two players like the way he did after the performance that occurred.


Scott McTominay 2/10

I do question why he was brought on and for a stage, played as a non-existent right winger. This was a bad call from Ole in my opinion.

Paul Pogba 3/10

He tried at times to create but often there were no runners ahead of him. He didn’t change the game like he can do and he will be scrutinised if Everton win whether he is at fault or not. A big performance needed on Saturday.

Edinson Cavani 3/10

Looked for runs but at the wrong time. Still settling and I think he will need the international break to get accustomed but some promising signs with his work ethic.

Mason Greenwood 2/10

Genuinely forgot he came on. Forwent the right wing position and forced McTominay to sit there. Bad call.

Timothy Fosu-Mensah 5/10

Actually ok. Came on and his pace saved United from a humiliating scoreline. Not a game changing sub mind you.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer 3/10

A lot of things went wrong for Manchester United and certainly for Ole in the last week. While the manager should take some of the blame, most has to be given to the players. While a big question over why Donny Van De Beek was not the number 10 should be raised, the rest of the team had more than what it takes to break down a team like Basaksehir (no disrespect). But clearly seemed to rush and hurry things as panic stations were on and then slowed down when they needed to pick things up. Not to mention the shambolic defending that cannot be down to Ole’s tactics and more the players’ stupidity. The subs were iffy and the position fell apart with 20 minutes to go and that is where the big problem was. Everton is a massive game and if United drop any points I think Ole will be sacked. If that happens I only hope he slams the board and Woodward for the mistreatment and negligence over their tenure at the club.

Author: Arjun Handa

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