Were Paul Scholes’ Comments Fair?

The poor start to the season has sparked controversial and emotional outburst from United legends. Paul Scholes has hit the headlines with controversial opinions on Martial during his interview with Stadium Astro.
“These forwards are exceptionally talented lads we all know that. The problem with United’s forward is that none of them is an actual center forward” Scholes told Stadium Astro. “Martial almost conned us into thinking he was one at the end of last season because he scored so many goals and was quite good. He started this season quite poorly again which makes you think he is not. It is misleading that is why I’ve kept saying we need a top class no 9.”
These comments come just two months after receiving praise from Scholes.

If not Martial, then who?

Asked who would be an ideal replacement, Scholes said “Kane or Haaland.”
Though not popular, there is some truth to what Scholes said. Any top football club could use a top-class no 9. Both Bayern and Dortmund have this in Lewandowski and Haaland, but would such strikes thrive at United? Both strikers thrive because their respective teams have full-backs proficient in crossing the ball into the box. That is not the case at United. Rashford and Greenwood are inside forwards cutting into the box to shot almost every time they have the ball. Not to mention our full-backs, Luke Shaw and Aaron Wan-Bissaka are not proficient enough crossing the ball into the box.

The signing of Cavani and Telles helps solve these gaps. However, Scholes has been quoted saying that the Cavani deal is “strange business.”
That then begs the question, should a top-class no 9 be the priority over an attack-minded full-back or a winger?

What have others thought of Scholes’ comments?

Former United striker, Dimitar Berbatov, has responded to the comments made by Scholes. Although he agrees that Martial isn’t an out and out number 9, he is a top talent and all he needs to work on is his consistency. The French international is just one player of the 11 on the pitch and always impacted by the performance of his teammates. The season-ending 2019/ 2020 saw the best performance of Martial in a united outfit becoming the top scorer at the club. It is too early into this season to start assigning blames


It is a fact that United has not had the best of starts but we can we all solely put all the blame on Martial? There are a lot of names top of the list to be blamed on the bad start but is it too early to point the finger. He clearly has times these comments well as Martial won’t be able to ‘prove him wrong’ as he is suspended for three domestic matches. One thing is sure we can expect greatness both from Cavani and Martial.

Author: Clinton Salmon