Ole Under Pressure?

Source: The Daily Express

Current Man United manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, has recently been under a lot of scrutiny for our recent form and run of results. With us, in the last two games, losing to West Ham and only narrowly beating League One Rochdale. So, is it fair for us to judge him?

In my opinion the answer to this question is no. And the reason why is because this current squad isn’t Solskjaer’s squad. Solskjaer has only had one real transfer window to make a change at the club, so how can we possibly judge his management of the squad if it isn’t his squad in the first place. Only three of the current players in the squad are players that Ole himself brought in. The rest is a makeup of the Youth Academy and a mixture of signings from the previous 4 managers. Solskjaer needs time and patience in order to create Manchester United in his vision, the question is will he get that time?

The current state of the Man United squad is shambolic, a miss-mash of transfer policies and multiple different managers with differing philosophies has left the squad in a mess. And with us only just managing to clear some of the deadwood this summer, has left us with a squad both weak in quality and lacking huge amounts of depth, especially in attack and midfield.

So would getting rid of Solskjaer help any of this? Even if we were to get rid of Ole, who could we get in place of him, who could do a better job with the players we have now? The squad has no depth and a real lack of quality, a new manager, no matter how good, can’t change that.

Author: TUD Author