Manchester United Vs Crystal Palace Match Analysis

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For a fan of club football, two weeks of the international break is sickening. You  dive into movies, listen to all the music in the world but still there is that spark lacking because you aren’t able to keep tabs on your favorite team. This, ladies and gentlemen is what I felt the past few weeks.
With that little background,  I can guess you know the energy I entered this match day with. This however was short lived as United had yet another bad result.
Everybody had hoped that the next run of games was our realistic chance at making efforts for the Top four. This post however isn’t to make you lose hope. So please read on.
We started pretty well. We (as usual) didn’t keep our good start consistently. We had the players making mistakes as usual. We also missed a couple of chances at the Crystal Palace goal. Their keeper did a pretty good job as well.
Our ball winning capabilities are really low. In the first half we held the ball pretty well but when it came to winning it back we were really poor. We had to rely on throw-ins and players mistakes to win the ball back. I didn’t see any real tackles in this game.
The second half was another story. Players like Lingard, who looked sharp in the first half, had a really poor second half. Our substitutes really worked well except for Fellaini. He wasn’t a threat up front like we have known him to be in the dying minutes. This however could be due to the withdrawal of Pogba, making him sit deep mostly.
I had planned on writing the positives from the game but let me dive straight into what I expect in future.
This draw leaves us with 21 miserable points. With a negative goal difference to make things worse. It’s United’s worst start to a season since some of us were born. So heart breaking.
What Next
Obviously our goal is to finish in the Top 3. Realistically as a United fan, 4th place isn’t ours. However, as things stand, the Top 4 is almost impossible. But yeah we can hold our little left hope together and hope for better.
I need to see passion in our next games. The passion that caused a comeback at Etihad last season. That’s the passion I need to see in the team.
Everyone needs to improve, we need to attack games with the mentality of “we either win or die”. Let everybody fight for the badge.
Lukaku really needs to do a lot of work. For now, let’s stick to Sanchez up front. Rashford showed some fighting spirit when he came on. I advise him to keep that up.

Author: TUD Author