Confidence is key & Manchester United need to find it

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We are all still trying to wipe the tears and drain the headaches from our latest defeat to 3-2 defeat from Brighton and Hove Albion.

But what exactly went wrong?

Is it Jose Morhinho? Ed Woodward? The players? 
I would say its a little bit of everything! Why? Well let’s go over it shall we? 
 Ed Woodward: as we all know by now Ed Woodward, Cheif executive of Manchester United, did not back Mourhino in this transfer window when it came to signing a new CB. Why didn’t Woodward back Jose on signing a new CB? It can only show a complete lack of trust! If he would have just trusted Mourhino in signing a new defender, would we be discussing this right now? 
Jose Mourhino: the decision about keeping Jose Mourinho as manager is split down the middle pretty much, but can his style of play really make us contenders for the league title or Champions League? The answer at the moment is obviously no! With talent like Lukaku,Pogba,Rashford,Martial,Lingard and Sanchez, do Man Utd really need to to play ‘negative’ defensive football? I know he’s won many trophies with that approach but again… This is MANCHESTER UNITED.
So much attacking talent but he still refuses to play attacking football. Perhaps the ‘Special one’ or to some ‘the hard headed one’ needs to let his players roam free and play some attacking football to find that mojo once again. 
The Players: Does everything need to be blamed of Jose Mourhino? No! A lot can have something to do with the players themselves! As we saw yesterday, really nobody seemed like they wanted to be out there playing football. The back line was horrendous, and everyone seemed lost, I’m sure Jose gave them certain instructions, they just couldn’t follow up on them. If you like the style of play or not, you play for your team,manager and fans! There wasn’t any passion, rarely anything creative and if their was, nobody made the most of it! If you want to be Champions then you must play like Champions, regardless of the football you’re playing! The mood in the dressing needs to be sorted out QUICKLY or we are in for a long season! Players need to focus and stop under-performing. You play for the fans and badge. If not, you shouldn’t be wearing the Red Jersey!

Author: TUD Author