Is Luke Shaw’s time up?

Source: Bleacher Report

Since Luke Shaw’s arrival at Manchester United in 2014 it’s fair to say he has had an inconsistent time. Over the course of six seasons of Premier League football Luke Shaw has only managed 75 appearances which shows just how little he has managed to get on the pitch and show what he’s capable of. This has mostly been due to his continuous injuries and inconsistent form.

When we first bought Luke Shaw from Southampton in 2014 everyone thought that he would be a success and a future England international left back. However, this is not being the case. After a promising start to his Manchester United career Luke Shaw suffered a double leg break which could have ended his career. Thankfully it didn’t but it’s hard to look past that moment as the start of Luke Shaw’s inconsistencies. Since then he has been injured again and again and has also gone through bad spells on the pitch and good spells on the pitch but never really grab hold of any opportunity he was given.

For Manchester United Luke Shaw has a total of 1 goal and 12 assists in 75 Premier League appearances. These starts while not setting the world alight show that Luke Shaw is capable all of producing on the pitch if his injuries are put behind him and he get some consistent playing time. So with all that we need to consider whether he would be a long-term option for Manchester United as our starting left back. In my opinion I believe that Luke Shaw has till the end of the season to prove what it takes. Currently we have left back options of Luke Shaw and Ashley Young with Academy graduates Brandon Williams and Ethan Laird, while lacking any world-class quality, the talents of Academy graduates Williams and Laird could provide good competition for Luke Shaw for the rest of the season and then at the end of the season we can evaluate whether any of these players could be a future long term Manchester United left back or whether United need to recruit a new left back in the summer of 2020 with the likes of Ben Chilwell and Alex Grimaldo being linked as replacements for Shaw.

Author: TUD Author